100.000.000 CRYO
will be issued during ICO

The 2nd stage of ICO CryoGen started! 2.500.000 CRYO tokens have already been sold!

  1 CRYO = 1 $

15% bonus at this stage  ICO! 


CryoGen is created and managed by the leading cryonics company of Eurasia — KrioRus. The project is aimed at the large-scale development of cryonics. Cryonics is a technology of conservation of people and animals in the state of deep cooling in the hope that in the future they can be revitalized and, if necessary, cured.
This technology will also be used for reversible freezing of donor organs. In the future, cryonics will allow us to immerse astronauts in the anabiosis if there is a long voyage ahead of them.
The project uses the most advanced scientific achievements.

Cryonics in figures
Partners around the world
Years KrioRus is presented on the market
Employees around the world
People are cryonized by “KrioRus”
Official contracts with customers are signed by all cryocompanies
People may be cryopreserved by CryoGen
The cryocenter in Switzerland

We will construct the cryonics facility in Switzerland (25% of the contracts for cryonics with KrioRus are signed with clients from the European countries).

Reversible freezing of bodies

Creation of technology of reversible freezing of organs. Reversible freezing of organs has received experimental confirmation in 2017.

Cryobiological laboratories

Creation of the large-scale cryocenter In Russia - with cryostorage for patients and modern cryobiological research laboratories.

Space anabiosis

In the future we want to sodat technology of anabiosis for flights of a chkelovek in distant space.

“I was Surprised because I always thought that cryonics is a thing of a far future”

Hal Finney, a well-known cryptographer and a bitcoin pioneer. He was one of the first programmers to work on the Bitcoin source code. 

He was cryopreserved at the age of 58 years after five years of struggle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

ICO Stages
01.02 - 14.03.2018
1 stage
Bonus 20%
15.02 - 05.04.2018
2 stage
Bonus 15%
06.04 - 23.05.2018
3 stage
Bonus 10%
24.05 - 01.07.2018
4 stage
Bonus 5%
क्राइयटॉकन से क्या खरीदा जा सकता है

Today, the CRYO tokens may be used for the purchase of (prices specified with a 10% discount):

डीएनए रीटेंशन को
जानवरों का क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन
न्यूरल क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन को
फुट बॉडी क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन खरीदें
ट्रासपोर्टेशन को
स्टेंडबाई पेशेंट साईड को
स्विस जंक्शन के साथ क्राईयोजेन एनजीओ का शुभारंभ
जानवरों के ऑर्गन पर क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन रिवर्सीबल पर विस्तृत प्रयोग का प्रारंभ
यूथानैसिया क्राईयोनिक्स की टेक्नोलॉजी पर वर्कआउट और उसका उपयोग। स्तनधारी ऑर्गनों के क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन रिवर्सेबल प्रभाव और विश्वसनीयता के टेक्नोलॉजी का विकास
अधिकतर स्त्नधारी ऑर्गनों के क्राईयोप्रीजर्वेशन रिवर्सेबल प्रभाव और विश्वास की टेक्नोलॉजी की प्राप्ती। मर रहे लोगों के ओर्गनों के साथ प्रयोग शुरू करना
डीप स्पेस फलाईटस के लिए अनाबियोसिस टेक्नोलॉजी का विकास
Our news

In February 2018, a bilateral partnership agreement was signed at the KrioRus head office to open our representative office in the Republic of Belarus. This wonderful partnership will allow us to be much closer to customers from Eastern Europe.


Mrs.Valeria Udalova is already in Milan and on 29th-30th she will be presenting CRYOGEN at Monaco Growth Forums (MGF) which is an exclusive, invitation-only conference highlighting growth companies seeking capital and/or greater exposure.


"KrioRus" (the leading company of the project Cryogen) became the laureate of the "Time of Innovations 2017" prize - an annual independent award, awarded for best practices in the implementation and development of innovations in various fields.


The CryoGen project was presented at the Blockchain North America 2017 (Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valleн) - the largest conference in the world in the field of blockchain.


A cooperation agreement has been signed with the South Korean company KrioКus Korea. which will represent "KrioRus" in South Korea, and which was created in order to distribute cryonics in this country.


We want all forward-thinking people to know about the perspective of the cryonics and be able to invest in its future. Our ambassador will be at the conference in Gibraltar on October 28-30 to present CryoGen ICO on the Leading Conference On Decentralization.

CryoGen at the conference Undoing Aging 2018
हमारी टीम
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को-फाउंडर और सीईओ आफ रशियन कंपनी "क्राईयो रस"

Valeria graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the most prestigious university in the USSR. She has Physics and Marketing degrees. Valeria was at the very begging of cryonics in Russia. Valeria is a Co-founder of KrioRus. She has been a CEO of the company for 8 years. In many ways due to her work and persistence, a whole cryonics industry has been created in Russia and KrioRus demonstrates extremely rapid growth rate. Valeria is one of the leaders of Russian transhumanists. She is a popularizer of cryonics.


रसर्च पीएचडी के डायरेक्टर। क्राईयोबायोलोजी में 40 साल इंटरनेशनल एक्सपीरीयंस

Yuri was born in Siberia, but left for St. Petersburg after graduating from the institute to create the technology of anabiosis (cryonics) and has since worked in the field of cryobiology. He has 40 years of priceless international experience in the field of cryobiology. Yuri has created a technology of vitrification for the Cryonics Institute, the legendary cryonics organization in the USA. He has a lot of know-how, which needs to be implemented as soon as possible. He has written more than 80 scientific papers.

Andrey E.

PhD Advisor of CryoGen

Advisor, Co-founder of Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining (SONM) project

Executive director, Founder of Digital Bio Pharm Ltd.

R&D director at IVAO inc.

Project leader of Drugdiscovery@home project (non-profit initiative)

CEO of the Fund in support of the Association of Blockchain and Cryptoeconomy Development

Sergey Sevantsyan

Chief Information & Technical Officer

International Public Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Investment Relations & International Community Relations Manager, Technical-evangelist, CITO, Social Engineer Founder of DAO MBA (Masters of Blockchain Administration), Partner of Ethereum.Moscow. 25+ years experience in ICT, Public International Keynote Speaker, Blockchainer, CITO, Social Engineer, Business Adviser, ICO Project Manager for company in Silicon Valley, Master ICO scorer for Crypto-funds, principal partner of IBW (Independent Blockchain World), founder of MBA company.

Kim, C-Yoon
(Kyung Sul)


C-Yoon is a Biotechnologist, Neurophysiologist and a Research Professor at the Biomedical Research Center at Konkuk University (Republic of Korea). C-Yoon is a Specialist in the field of splicing the spinal cord of mice during transplantation. C-Yoon’s awards: • 2016 Korean Association for Laboratory Livestock (KALAS) International Award; • 2014 Chinese Association of Laboratory Animals (CALAS), International Award for Young Scientists.


Research and Development Director

Co-founder of KrioRus. He is a biophysicist, cryobiologist, futurist and active evangelist of new technologies. It seems that Igor was the first professor of nanotechnology in Russia. He is one of the founders of the Russian transhumanist movement. In 2003, Igor performed the cryopreservation of the very first Russian cryonics patient. He is the author of significant scientific works and designs of many special devices for cryonics. Employees in the laboratory under his supervision have cooled animals to +2 C for several hours and then rewarmed them without any consequences. He has been popularizing breakthrough technologies on the Internet since the days of Fido Net

रसर्च पीएचडी के डायरेक्टर। क्राईयोबायोलोजी में 40 साल इंटरनेशनल एक्सपीरीयंस

स्विटजरलैंड में प्रोजेक्ट क्राईयाजेन के फायनेंशियल एडवाईजर

Elena has a Marketing degree and has worked as a Deputy Director of the Swiss financial company Crédit Privé de Placement et d’Intermediation” ( for more than 10 years. She works with large clients. Elena knows how to sell cryonics services perfectly well. She supports our project in Switzerland at the cantonal and federal levels.


Deputy CEO of CryoGen for technical issues

Medic, specialist in working with cryogenic and medical equipment, perfusionist.
Also - a specialist in the field of information security in medicine.
Deputy General Director of KryoRus for general and technical issues.



Zamir is a neuromarketer, a specialist in the field of blockchain, the Head of the NeuroDAO cryptofund and the Vice President of RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain).



Ilya is an expert in the field of blockchain and smart contract, the Founder and the Head of the Nordavind Group of Companies, software development for security systems, video surveillance systems and intelligent devices for monitoring human health and diagnosing diseases at an early stage. He is a Co-founder of the project, the blockchain technology for confirmation of the authenticity of video materials.


परफयूजन लेबोरेटरी "काईयो रस" के हैड। बायोकेमिस्ट, मोलेकूलर बायोलोजिस्ट, बायोइंफोरमोटिक्स साइंटिस्ट



Alberto is a Bioengineer and the Head of the GIBiomed company, Madrid, Spain.
GIBiomed is working on the invention, design and release of new devices in the field of biomedical engineering. The company has developed thermoplastic cryocapsules for organs. It cools, transports and cryopreserves the organs, ensuring the best preservation. The company is also developing capsules.

We are in the internationalpublications
+1 223 423 3321433 BD सैंट-जोसेफ मेमोरियल QC, कनाडा

We have opened offices in the United States (New York), Italy (Mirandola), in St. Petersburg, reached an agreement with its partners in Riga (Latvia), London (UK), Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Volgograd , Samara, Chelyabinsk and Izhevsk