CryoGen In the show tournament ICO - Crypto Battle!

April 13 at 19: 30 - CryoGen will take part in Crypto Battle, which will be held in CryptoBar. Cryogen opponent will be the team of ICO project Reality. Exoplatform REALITY is a project of creative technology "quantum psychogenetics".

Everyone interested in kryptos, ICO, blockchain technologies, as well as cryonics, the latest technologies and the future is invited to Krypto Battle.

Recall that CryoGen was created and managed by the leading cryogenic company Eurasia — "KrioRus". The project is aimed at large-scale development of cryonics. Cryonics is a technology of preservation in a condition of deep cooling of people and animals.
This technology will also be used for reversible freezing of donor organs. In the future, cryonics will allow you to load in the suspended animation of astronauts travelling on long journeys.
This project uses the most advanced scientific achievements.

Schedule of the event:

19-30 — 19-50 lecture on blockchain technology

19-50 — 20-30 first round of the Crypto Battle

20-35 — 21-00 second round

21-05 — 21-25 third round

21-25 — 21-45 final round

In addition, the event will host a free lecture on the basics of blockchain and new trends.

The cost of the ticket 300 RUB.

Come April 13 in "CryptoBar" on Crypto Battle at:

The underground Arbat, street New Arbat, 16.

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