Opening of a representative office in the Republic of Belarus

In February 2018, a bilateral partnership agreement was signed at the KrioRus head office to open our representative office in the Republic of Belarus. This wonderful partnership will allow us to be much closer to customers from Eastern Europe. This part of the world is very interested in cryonics in our company.

A joint decision was made that in May, in Minsk, we will organize a large specialized cryoconference. We have already organized such events before. As a rule, many the representatives of cryonics visit us from all over the world, such as well-known scientists, technologists, doctors, and people who interested in promoting the latest technologies. Among our guests there are also people, who interested in making investmensts in cryonics. 

The event, which will be held in the Republic of Belarus will be attended by about 150 people. The organizer of this event is the representative office of KrioRus company in the Republic of Belarus.

As always, the summit participants will be well-known scientists in the field of biotechnology, doctors, local cryonicists. We also expect our current and potential investors to arrive from near and far countries of our world. With whom we will be glad to meet and communicate. Perhaps, it is the place where you will find the answers to the questions that have not yet been clarified for yourself.​The exact date of the summit will be announced later. 

Any of you, who does not want to miss this great and interesting international event, write us an e-mail, and we will send you an official invitation.

We have already 4 official representative offices in Kiev, Italy, Seul, New-York. Minsk meet us - we are happy to announce the opening of one more our foreign branch in Belarus.​

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